FIFA World Cup History – Excel Dashboard

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On the eve of the FIFA World Cup 2014 I have created a world cup history dashboard full of fascinating statistics from the previous 19 world cups.

I find creating spreadsheets involving your passions a great way of developing and testing your Excel skills

This dashboard incorporates a few different Excel dashboard techniques which are explained in this post.

The spreadsheet is completely unprotected so all the formulas and code can be explored.

Download the FIFA World Cup Excel Dashboard

Creating a Scrollable List

The dashboard uses a scrollable list to scroll through the 19 world cups viewing the host nation, winners and losing finalist.

By using a scrollable list, we ensure that the list does not take up too much space on the spreadsheet. Excel dashboard reports need to display the important information in a limited space.

Displaying Interactive Content

The scrollable list is clickable so that statistics such top goal scorer and average attendance can be viewed about each world cup.

This interactive content has been created using VBA code that is triggered by the worksheet change event.

The code also moves an arrow that is visible to the left of the scrollable list, and used to identify the world cup currently being viewed.

Not hot on Excel VBA. Check out our Excel VBA online course.

Using Data Bars for Top 5 Stats

Data bars have been used for a graphical representation of some top 5 stats. They are used to show the world cups with the most goals scored, highest average goals per game and highest average attendance.

How do I apply data bars?

Controlling a Chart with a Combo box

Two charts are used on the dashboard. One shows stats by country and the other by players. A combo box is supplied to interact with the charts and change the data being presented.

The CHOOSE function is used along with the combo box to serve the correct data to the chart dependent on user selection.

The statistics used in the dashboard were obtained from the following resources;

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