Spell Check a Protected Excel Worksheet

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Worksheet protection is used in Excel to protect cells containing formulas, hide sensitive data and much more.

Unfortunately one of the problems that arises from protecting a worksheet is the inability to spell check a worksheet.

To be able to spell check a protected worksheet you need a macro to unprotect the sheet, perform the spell check, and then protect the sheet again.

Spell Check a Protected Worksheet

  1. Press Alt + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor
  2. Click Insert > Module to insert a new code module
  3. Copy and paste the code below into the module window being sure to replace Stock Sheet with the necessary sheet name and excel with the necessary password.

Sub SpellCheckSheet()

Sheets(“Stock Sheet”).Unprotect “excel”


Sheets(“Stock Sheet”).Protect “excel”

End Sub

This code generates a macro called SpellCheckSheet. To run the code easily from the sheet, assign the macro to a button. This button can be placed on the toolbar and run at any time.

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