MS Project: Display Multiple Fields Next to Task Bars in Gantt Chart

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In Microsoft Project you can display different project information next to the task bars in a Gantt Chart. This ensures that you can see the information you need to see about a task without having to keep looking over to the table.

You can display the information in different positions in relation to the bars such as to the left, right, above, below or in the middle. However, Project only allows one piece of information per position.

Gantt Chart showing resource names by task bars

This can limit the feature somewhat so we will look at how to add multiple fields next to the task bars in a Gantt Chart.

Create a Concatenated Field

To display multiple fields next the task bars we will need to create a concatenated field containing all the information we want to display. In this example, we will look at adding the task name and percentage complete.

  1. Click the Format tab under Gantt Chart Tools on the Ribbon and click the Custom Fields button.

Creating a custom field in MS Project

  1. The Custom Fields dialog box is displayed showing a list of text fields we can use. Click the Formula button below the list.
  2. Click the Field button, select Text and then Name. This field will appear in the formula box above.
  3. Click the & (ampersand) character, or enter it from the keyboard.
  4. Now type “, “. This will concatenate the task name and then a comma and space. Click the & button again.
  5. Now we want the percentage complete field. Click the Field button, select Number and then % Complete.
  6. Click the & button and then type “%” to display the percentage sign.

Formula for a concatenated field

  1. Click Ok to save the formula, and then click Ok if the message below appears.

Prompt for missing data due to calculated field

  1. Click the Rename button and enter a name for the new field like below. Click Ok to save and close all dialogs.

Rename the custom field

Display the Concatenated Field Next to Task Bars

  1. Click the Format button on the Format tab and select Bar Styles.
  2. With the Task bar selected in the top half of the dialog box, click the Text tab and click inside the position you want to display the multiple fields.
  3. A list of project fields is shown. Select the field you just created and click Ok.

Format bar styles to display concatenated field

  1. The task name and percentage complete fields are now shown next to each task bar in the Gantt Chart.

Multiple fields next to task bars in Gantt chart

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4 thoughts on “MS Project: Display Multiple Fields Next to Task Bars in Gantt Chart

  1. Any reason this method would not work for Summary Tasks? I’ve got normal tasks to show multiple fields, but when I do the same for Summary Tasks, it doesn’t show anything. A single field works fine, but when I create a custom field using a formula with multiple fields, nothing. Thanks!

      • Thanks for sharing this excellent piece of info.
        The only reason it is not showing the text for summary tasks is because you need to select the radio button titled Use formula under ” Calculation for task and group summary rows” .
        This is to be done once step 9 is done.
        Can’t seem to paste screenshot, however, this radio button can be seen in image under step 1

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