Lookup a Picture in Excel

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I was asked a few days ago if it is possible to lookup a picture in Excel. The scenario was that they wanted to be able to type in a code, and for Excel to return the picture of that product.

I created a simple picture lookup spreadsheet with a small amount of VBA. A button is used to run the macro that performs the picture lookup.

Download the picture lookup spreadsheet.

Create a Macro to Lookup a Picture in Excel

Each picture in the spreadsheet has been assigned a name which is used to identify the picture. The picture the user wants to find is entered in cell A2.

The VBA used for the macro can be seen below;

Sub Show_Picture()

Dim app_pic As Picture

Worksheets(“Sheet1”).Pictures.Visible = False

For Each app_pic In Worksheets(“Sheet1”).Pictures

            If app_pic.Name = Range(“A2”).Text Then

                        app_pic.Visible = True

                        Exit For

            End If

Next app_pic

End Sub

Check out this video for a demonstration of how to create the picture lookup spreadsheet.

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