Create a Hangman Game in Excel

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I created a hangman game using Excel VBA for fun, and thought I would post it here for all budding Excel VBA learners to look at.

I find creating games, quizzes and sports spreadsheets an enjoyable way of keeping my Excel skills fresh, and to develop them further.

The game asks you to guess a letter to complete the phrase. A hint is provided for a little help, and the phrase will be related to music, sports, people, film or geography.

The spreadsheet is unprotected so you can check out the code and play around it with it further.

The VBA used to create this hangman game includes;

  • Dynamic arrays.
  • Creating a userform.
  • Module scoped variables.
  • Lots of text work including functions such as Left and StrConv.
  • Lots of For Loops, IF statements and a Select Case statement.

Download the Excel Hangman game

Want to improve your Excel VBA skills? All the techniques used to create this hangman game are covered in our Excel VBA course.

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