Simple Excel Stock Control Spreadsheet

This post contains the download of a stock control spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is used to manage the level of sweets in stock. As more sweets are ordered, and sweets are sold the spreadsheet keeps a record of the stock remaining.

The spreadsheet is unprotected making the formulas and VBA used available to see. The spreadsheet includes the following Excel techniques;

  • VBA code to perform much of the functionality
  • A command buttons to initiate the macro to deduct the number of sweets sold, or add the number of sweets ordered
  • A table to create a dynamic range for future orders and sales. A Total Row has also been used to sum values
  • Vlookup functions to retrieve the sweet names from the stock sheet after the product code has been entered

Download the Excel Stock Control Sheet.

Excel Fixture List Creator

I have recently been working on an Excel fixture list creator as it is something that I have received many requests for. The spreadsheet can create any sports fixture list.

The spreadsheet can handle;

  • A maximum 64 teams or people.
  • The teams or people can play each other once or twice throughout the competition. A drop down list is provided to select the desired number.
  • An odd or even number of teams can be used.
  • The fixture list is random. Some of the fixtures lists I found on the web produced the same fixtures unless you put the teams in a different order. This fixture list creator will randomise the teams for you.

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