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Setup the Workbook

The first thing we need to do is set up the workbook with the necessary sheets and a list of the teams who will be competing in the league.

Inserting the Required Sheets

The workbook will need the following sheets:

  • Team Sheets - Store the fixtures and results for each team
  • Fixture Grid - A grid showing all the results from the League season.
  • The cells where the results will be entered are formatted in a text format. The results should be entered in a #-# format e.g. 3-1

  • Data - Stores the number of points earned for a win or draw during the season, and the list of teams in the league
  • Calculations - Used to calculate the league position of each team from their results on the relevant team sheets
  • League Table - Shows the league table from the data calculated on the Calculations sheet

Download the EnglishPremierLeague1.1.xlsx workbook for a finished copy with the sheets and data already in place.

Setting up the Team List

To make data entry easier when inputting the names of the teams on each sheet, I created a Custom List with the names of each team competing in the league this season.

To create a Custom List;

  1. Enter the names of each team in a list on the Data sheet
  2. Click the Office Button > Excel Options
  3. Click the Edit Custom Lists button found in the Popular category
  4. Select the range of cells containing the list of teams on the Data sheet and click Import
  5. Creating a Custom List of team names for the season

  6. Click Ok and then Ok again

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