Create a Quiz in PowerPoint

Create a quiz in PowerPoint with multiple choice questions incorporating pictures, video and sound using this tutorial. It can then be saved as a PowerPoint show and sent to friends and family.

Download the sample PowerPoint quiz to see the quiz created in this tutorial.

Create the Question and Answer Slides

The quiz will require question slides and each question slide will need a slide for the correct answer and a slide for the wrong answer. Each question will therefore be made up of 3 slides.

These slides will be linked together using Action Buttons. When the user clicks the correct option they will see the correct answer slide for that question, with a button allowing them to continue with the quiz. If they click the wrong option, they will see the wrong answer slide with options to retake the question or to end the quiz.

To create an Action Button;

  1. Click the Shapes button on either the Home or Insert tabs of the Ribbon
  2. At the bottom of the menu there is a selection of action buttons to choose from. Each one has a different default action. Select the Custom button
  3. Draw the button onto the slide
  4. On releasing the mouse button the Action Settings dialogue box appears. Click the Hyperlink to: option and from the drop list select the required option. For example, select Slide to link to another slide, or End Show to quit the quiz
  5. action Button settings to hyperlink to another slide
  6. The action for the button is set; we now need to label it. With the button selected type the text you wish to appear on the button
  7. You will need to create many buttons as it will become the only way for your quiz taker to navigate the quiz. You can save time by copying existing buttons by pressing Ctrl + D.
  8. Question slide with objects arranged neatly

    To change a buttons action, right mouse click the button and select Edit Hyperlink

Arrange the Objects on a Slide

After inserting the various objects required on your slides such as pictures, video, buttons and text boxes, you will need to arrange them neatly on the slide.

  1. Select the object/s you want to arrange
  2. Click the Arrange button on the Home tab of the Ribbon
  3. Select Align
  4. Align objects on a slide

  5. Ensure the correct option from Align to Slide or Align Selected Objects is selected
  6. Click the required alignment option

Objects can also be arranged on a slide using the Grid or Drawing Guides. To turn these on;

  1. Click the Arrange button on the Home tab of the Ribbon
  2. Select Align
  3. Click Grid Settings
  4. Grid and Guide settings

  5. Click either Display grid on screen or Display drawing guides on screen
  6. Click Ok

Remove the Slide Show navigation

A presentation ordinarily will be navigated by using the keyboards cursor arrows or a left click of the mouse. However we would like to remove this functionality as our quiz takers will be using the buttons for navigation. For this we will hide the presentation slides.

  1. Select all the slide of the presentation except the first slide
  2. Click the Slide Show tab
  3. Click the Hide Slide Button

Save the Quiz as a PowerPoint Show

The finished quiz can now be saved as a PowerPoint Show. This will ensure the quiz will run in slide show view on opening, rather than open in PowerPoint. It also ensures that nobody can edit the quiz.

  1. Click the Office Button and click Save As
  2. Locate the drive or folder you wish to save the show to
  3. Enter a filename for the show
  4. Click the drop list arrow for the Save as type: box at the bottom of the Save As dialogue box
  5. Select PowerPoint Show from the list
  6. Save the PowerPoint quiz as a show

  7. Click Save

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