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I have recently been working on an Excel fixture list creator as it is something that I have received many requests for. The spreadsheet can create any sports fixture list.

The spreadsheet can handle;

  • A maximum 64 teams or people.
  • The teams or people can play each other once or twice throughout the competition. A drop down list is provided to select the desired number.
  • An odd or even number of teams can be used.
  • The fixture list is random. Some of the fixtures lists I found on the web produced the same fixtures unless you put the teams in a different order. This fixture list creator will randomise the teams for you.

To use the spreadsheet simply enter the team or competitor’s names on the Teams tab, select whether they will play each other once or twice, and click the Create Fixtures button.

Download the Excel fixture list creator spreadsheet to create your fixtures now.

Need a league table generator too? Download my Excel league table generator to automatically update your teams league positions as you enter the results. Simply copy the fixtures generated into this spreadsheet and start entering the results. The spreadsheet does the rest.

Please comment with any ideas you have to enhance or improve the spreadsheet. Let me know your thoughts and share it with your friends.

67 thoughts on “Excel Fixture List Creator

    • Update fixture list creator has been uploaded.

      I recently protected it for a project I was doing and forgot to change it back. My apologies. Hope you find it useful.

  1. Thanks for this, works great! I was just wondering if you have added a table to the fixture list so that if I was to enter some scores next to the fixtures it would update a table (home and away games showing). That would. Great feature to add! Thanks again!

  2. Hi
    Can you change the number of fixtures required to 3 or 4

    would be handy for kids league

    Not sure how to change this from the drop down list if possible

  3. cheers for this ” fixture list creator ” would be good to maybe to add the play 3-4 time not being greedy what a bout a league table intregraded in to fixture list i’ve tryed to do so but it’s doing me heed in!

  4. hi…tried 7 teams, but the points in the league table reflected goals scored, rather than points won? Other than that – neat fixtures creator. LIKE.


  6. Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I’m setting up a tennis league (doubles) and am looking for a fixtures creator. The issue that I have over a standard league is that the matches are double’s matches and not singles. There are 8 players and I would like the fixtures creator to partner different players with each other against different opponents each week. I’m trying to ensure that every player partners one another and plays against all possible pairings. There is no limit on the number of games as this is not a league.
    Any help that you can offer would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards


  7. Wondering if you could add in Home and Away fixtures whereby if the team played at home in the first game, they play away in the second? The explain I did, Team 1 played at Home for the first 9 games.

  8. Looks just what I have been looking for but just one thing I have noticed.

    I get the same fixtures in the first half and second half of season, i.e. Team A plays Team B at home twice.

    Can the reverse fixtures be reversed (hope that makes sense).

    Also, some teams play 5 or 6 away games on the run, so from looking at it, if all even fixtures were reversed it would be perfect.

  9. es muy bueno!! pero tengo una sola pregunta como puedo hacer para que un equipo no me salga sorteado siempre de local o de visitante??
    quiero decir…. en el fixture yo quiero que juegue un partido de local y otro de visitante, y de esta manera sale siempre de local o siempre de visitante. Alguna sugerencia?? Gracias

  10. Great app makes the task simple thanks, One more thing have you ever created a skittle league fixture list? Difference being i need 18 teams who all play each other once but the tricky bit is monday – wednesday there are 3 games then thursday there are 2 games, any ideas on that one?

  11. Any chance it could separate each team to allow for the scores to be entered alongside them? i.e. Chelsea 6 Man United 0 (across 4 cells)

    Great otherwise though!

  12. Hi, I’ve just downloaded the program but couldn’t create a fixtures list but am getting the following error message:
    [ ‘Cannot run the macro “excel_fixture_list_creator.xlsm!FixtureList”. The macromay not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.]

    Please help

    • Hi Stacey,

      It sounds like macros are disabled. What version of Excel are you using?

      In Excel 2010 click File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Settign and then the required option. Disable all macros with notification is recommended.

  13. Hi, This is brill, I need to have games and legs in results and league table tho.
    Any chance it could have a fixture list on one page for teams to have a copy too??

  14. Hi, great fixture creator! I’m hoping you can help!

    On testing it; placing TEAM A – TEAM F (6 teams) there should be 5 home and 5 away fixtures. On creating the fixtures, I’m receiving 4 home and 6 away.

    Can you assist?


  15. like it so very much. but wish to change the system of a team playing at hoe twice. home and away. can that be altered so that in the second round the teams that played home in the first round now play away

  16. It is a great app but I am having some difficulties creating fixture when I change team number to 18 or 16 I got an error “Run time error ’13’: Type mismatch” I dont know what to do.
    Will you help me to solve please?
    I terribly need this file

  17. Could the great fixture / league generator you created be transferred to google spread sheet for easy of sharing and collaborating on a sheet across teachers.

    I am aware that some formulas are not supported across excel and Gdocs but wanted to ask the question, as this would prove great for teachers sharing class etc.


  18. Downloaded your soccer league table and it’s great!
    Would like to use it for our bowls competition but it’s only 2 points for a win not 3. How can I change it?

  19. hey. Im working on similar project.I cant figure out how to create a auto-fixture generator. And your macros are password protected.

  20. Hi there, I used your fixture creator last year and it worked a treat – Massive cheers for that!!

    This year I went to use it and something is not quite right.

    To keep things simple, I entered 8 teams which should give me 4 match ups over 7 weeks.

    It gives me 7 weeks but only gives me 3 match ups in week 1 and 4 for every other week.

    I down loaded the newer version figuring I had some how just screwed up the formula and it does the same thing so I’m sure it’s something on my end.

    Any idea what it could be – Cheers.

    • Hi Budgie,

      Great to hear that you have had success with my fixture generator. I’m aware of a minor problem with it sometimes overloading particular weeks, It seems to output the correct fixtures but sometimes puts more in some weeks and fewer in others. This then requires a little manual manipulation.

      I am hoping to have a look at it sometime shortly and fix the issues, however I am not sure when this will be.


      • Cheers for the quick response as I need this tonight. I thought of manually moving the match ups but wasn’t sure if the full list would be correct. Sounds like it will be. Or just keep hitting the “create fixtures” till it gets it right. I did that yesterday and it eventually hit right ;o) Our league starts tonight so that’s what I’ll plan on. Cheers again!!

        Hey, I’ve another thing I’ve been looking for in excel. I’d like the epl fixtures for a prediction pool we do but I’d like to use club crests instead of letters just to make it look a bit better. Ultimately I’d like to integrate it into the website so it can be filled in online by users. Maybe you have something like this already done?

        • Afraid not Budgie. I don’t have anything interactive online or where I have used the club crests. Won’t be a problem though. You could create a lookup for the club crest based on the team name. Can always hide the team name if not interested in seeing it.

  21. The fixture generator I have can only be set to playing each other once or twice, how can this be changed to play each other more than twice?

    • The code would need changing to introduce more loops for the number of games you need.

      I do not have a fixture list for this. Once you have the home and away fixtures. I would just copy and paste to duplicate for the number you need.

  22. Hi Alan,

    I am trying to generate a fixture list for a ten team league to play home and away.

    Each team should play once each week but the generator is throwing out some weeks with just four games and also some with six games, involving a couple of teams playing twice in one week. Some weeks stick to five games but still have one team playing more than once in that week.

    I am unable to step into the macro to try and fix this. Do you have any ideas on how I could adapt this to what I need.

    Also, I am looking at doing your Excel Superhero course. I use Excel 2010 at work and I am wondering how compatible the course is with that version of Excel. I am assuming there are no massive changes that would make taking this course pointless but just wanted to check!

    Great work by the way. The league table sheet is brilliant and I was able to adapt it to exactly what I needed with minimal effort. Saved me a lot of time, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Adam,

      Yes the fixture list sometimes sets the fixtures out with (as you say) 4 games 1 week and 6 another. Annoying! and I have never got round to fixing it. The fixtures are correct though, they just need jigging to the right weeks.

      I have a Excel 2010 version of the Superhero course too, but your right the differences are minimal anyhow.

      Thank you for your comments. Always nice to hear.


  23. I’d like to use this for generating fixtures for our darts league, but some venues have 2 teams. Obviously they can’t both be at home at the same time. I have seen this question asked earlier but can’t see an answer, any ideas please?

  24. I have 8 teams, each meeting will be with 3 teams. So meeting 1 will be 1v2, 2v3 and 1v3. Each playing one another 2 times.
    Can you do anything to help generate a fixtures list

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