Word 2007 Intermediate Guide

By the end of this guide you will be able to create a bulleted or numbered list; work with tables effectively, use productivity tools like AutoCorrect and Building Blocks; use Mail Merge to create personalised letters and labels.

Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Apply Bullets and Numbering

Define new lists

Productivity Tools

Automatically correct errors using AutoCorrect

Use automatic formatting

Use Quick Parts to store frequently used content

Working with Tables

Insert a table

Working with a table

Cell formatting

Merge and split cells

Insert rows and columns

Borders and shading

Use table styles

Sorting data and using formulas

Convert text to table

Page Formatting

Insert page breaks

Use columns

Use sections

Add a cover page

Add page borders and colours

Add a watermark to a document


Create an envelope

Create labels

Mail merge to letters

Edit the recipient list

Insert mail merge rules fields

Return to normal Word document

Mail merge to labels

Mail merge to email

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