Word 2007 Advanced Guide

By the end of this guide you will be able to create and apply styles and themes to a document; work with long documents effectively, create forms in Word; use Macros to automate a sequence of actions.

Using Styles and Themes

Apply styles to a document

Create a New Style

Modify and delete styles

Working with the styles gallery

Use Quick Style Sets

Use document themes

Save a new document theme

Working with Templates

Create a new template

Use a template

Attach a different template to a document

Copy styles from a template

Working with Large Documents

Insert a table of contents

Style a table of contents

Manage a document in Outline View

Use the Document Map and Thumbnails

Insert an Index

Use bookmarks

Working with captions

Insert a cross reference

Use hyperlinks

Create footnotes and endnotes

Sharing and Reviewing Documents

Use Track Changes

Accept and reject changes

Working with comments

Compare and combine documents

Password protect a document

Using Forms

Build a form

Modify form controls

Prepare the form

Creating and Running Macros

Create a macro

Run and edit a macro

Add a macro to the Quick Access Toolbar

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