Word 2003 Intermediate Guide

By the end of this guide you will be able to create a bulleted or numbered list; work with tables effectively, use productivity tools like AutoCorrect and AutoText; use Mail Merge to create personalised letters and labels.

Bullets and Numbering

Apply Bullets and Numbering

Customise a Bulleted List

Customise a Numbered List

Productivity Tools

Use AutoCorrect

AutoFormat as you type

Use AutoText to insert content

Using Tables

Create a table

Edit a table

Insert columns and rows

Splitting and merging cells

Using borders and gridlines

Table AutoFormat

Sorting data and using formulas

Convert text into a table

Formatting Pages

Using page breaks

Format columns

Insert section breaks

Create a page border

Create a watermark

Letters and Mailings

Print to labels

Print to envelopes

Mail Merge

Sort and filter the list of recipients

Insert a conditional merge field

Restore to normal Word document

Create mail merge labels

Create a mail merge email

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