Word 2003 Foundation Guide

By the end of this guide you will be able to create new documents; edit documents effectively, work with images; use tables and print the document.

Getting Started with Word 2003

Word 2003 Application Window

Using Menus

Working with Toolbars

Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Documents

Creating a New Document

Saving a Document

Creating and Deleting Folders

Recovering a File

Opening an Existing Document

Changing Views

Editing Documents

Navigating a Document

Selecting Text

Cut, Copy and Paste

The Office Clipboard

Undo and Redo

Inserting symbols and special characters

Spelling and grammar check

Find and Replace

Working with Multiple Windows

Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Text Formatting

Format Painter

Aligning Text

Changing Line Spacing

Indenting Paragraphs

Paragraph Spacing

Using Tabs

Working with Objects

Inserting Clip Art

Inserting Pictures

Positioning Pictures

Formatting pictures

Create WordArt text

Format WordArt text

Drawing shapes

Formatting objects

Arrange objects

Printing Documents

Use Print Preview

Adjust page settings

Using headers and footers

Printing a document

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