Word 2003 Advanced Guide

By the end of this guide you will be able to create and apply styles to a document; work with long documents effectively, create forms in Word; use Macros to automate a sequence of actions.

Using Templates and Styles

Create a template

Modify a template

Create a new document from a template

Attach a different template

Use workgroup templates

Use styles

Create a style

Modify a style

Working with Long Documents

Create a table of contents

Format a table of contents

Work in Outline View

Create an Index

Working with bookmarks

Add captions to objects

Create cross references

Insert hyperlinks

Insert footnotes and endnotes

Sharing Documents

Work with Track Changes

Accept and reject document changes

Use comments

Manage document versions

Document security


Create a form

Modify form field options

Protect the form

Working with Macros and Toolbars

Record a macro

Run and edit a macro

Assign a macro to a toolbar button

Create a new toolbar

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