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New Picture Editing Tools

Word 2010 includes some new picture editing tools that are similar to what you would find in Photoshop. These tools include applying artistic effects and removing the background of a picture.

Apply Artistic Effects

The new artistic effects in Word 2010 allow you to apply complex picture formatting such as pencil sketch and blurred effects with the click of a button.

  1. Select the picture in the document that you want to edit
  2. Click the Format tab under Picture Tools on the Ribbon
  3. Click the Artistic Effects button
  4. Artistic effects being applied to the Google logo

  5. Hover your mouse over the different effects to see a preview of how the picture will look
  6. Click on the one you want to apply

Remove the Background of a Picture

Word 2010 provides a feature to directly remove the background of a picture. It works best on simple backgrounds and can be tricky and time consuming with complex ones.

  1. Select the picture and click the Format tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Remove Background button
  3. The area that Word will remove is highlighted in purple

    Remove the background of a picture in Word

  4. Drag the square to select the area you want to remove
  5. Resize the background removal square

  6. Click the Mark Areas to Remove button on the Ribbon and then click on any areas of the picture that you want to remove. This is sometimes necessary to add the finishing touches to a background removal with complex pictures
  7. The Mark Areas to Keep button on the Ribbon can be used in the same way to prevent areas from being removed

    Use the Mark Areas to Remove feature

  8. Click on the document outside the image and the background of the image is removed

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