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Improved Navigation Pane

The improved navigation pane in Word 2010 has the added functionality to enable you to rearrange the headings of a document by clicking and dragging. As well as the ability to manipulate the document structure, the navigation pane is also a quick and effective way of navigating a long document.

Use the Navigation Pane

  1. Click the View tab on the Ribbon
  2. Check the Navigation Pane box in the Show group
  3. The navigation pane appears to the left of the screen and shows the document headings. The document headings are identified by formatting them using styles

    Headings shown in navigation pane

  4. To rearrange the headings in a document, click and drag the heading to its new location
  5. When you move a heading, any sub headings will also be moved with it. This ensures that the structure of the document is not lost, and prevents you from having to select multiple headings to drag

  6. In a large document it may be useful to collapse and expand the headings to hide or show more detail. Click the arrow to the left of the heading name to collapse or expand its sub headings

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