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Add a Cover Page

Add a cover page to a document to give it an eye catching and professional appeal to the reader. The cover page often displays some basic information like the document title, version, author and date.

Add a Cover Page to a Document

  1. Click the Insert tab on the ribbon
  2. Click the Cover Page button in the Pages group
  3. Add a cover page

  4. Select the cover page style you want to use
  5. The cover page is inserted as the first page of the document irrespective of the position of the insertion point. A Page Break is inserted to move any current content onto the next page

    Placeholders appear on the page for you to enter the required information such as document title, company name, date or change a picture. Word enters some information for you which it retrieves from the document properties

  6. Enter the required information in the appropriate placeholders
  7. The Cubicles cover page added to a document

Save a Cover Page

After creating a cover page it can be saved for use in future documents.

  1. Select everything on the cover page
  2. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon
  3. Click the Cover Page button in the Pages group
  4. Select Save Selection to Cover Page Gallery
  5. Save a cover page

  6. Type a Name for the cover page
  7. Click Ok

The saved cover page appears at the bottom of the gallery when inserting a new cover page.

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