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Mail Merge to Letters

Mail merge letters are similar documents sent to different people. Each document contains the recipients name, address and any other information on the letter that is personal to them.

A mail merge is the merging of two documents. The main document (letter in this example) and the data source (where the personal details such as name and address are stored). This generates personal copies of the main document for each recipient in the data source.

Performing a mail merge in Word is a step by step process which start with setting up the document and ends with running the mail merge. Word 2007 has made the process much simpler and more streamline to previous versions.

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Set up the Letter

  1. Click the Mailings tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Start Mail Merge button in the Start Mail Merge group
  3. Start mail merge

  4. Select Letters from the list

Select a Data Source

  1. Click the Select Recipients button in the Start Mail Merge group
  2. Select the required option from the list
  3. Type New List: Create a new list to use as your data source. This is useful when people's details are not already stored on file like when sending job interview confirmation letters

    Use Existing List: Select an existing data source such as an Excel spreadsheet or Access Database

    Select from Outlook Contacts: Use the names and addresses stored in your Outlook contacts list

  4. You can edit the data source to sort and filter the list of recipients and exclude those you dont want to include in the merge if required

Insert the Mail Merge Fields

Once the main document and the recipients list are set up, the mail merge fields can be inserted into the letter.

  1. Click in the document where you want to insert the merge field
  2. There are three buttons that can be used to insert merge fields. Click the required button from the Write & Insert Fields group
  3. Address Block: A block of fields relating to the name and address of the recipient. You can specify how the recipients name and address will appear and a preview of how the information will appear is displayed. If the name and address does not show correctly, click the Match Fields button and match the required fields

    Use the Address Block mail merge field

    Greeting Line: A combination of fields to be used for the greeting line of the letter. You can specify how the recipients name should appear

    Insert the Greeting Line field

    Insert Merge Field: Insert a single merge field from the data source into the document. Click the bottom half of the button for a list of fields to choose from

    Insert an individual merge field

  4. The merge field is inserted. Chevrons appear either side of the mail merge field distinguishing it from normal text
  5. Mail merge field in a document

    Repeat these steps for each field you need to insert

Preview a Mail Merge

You can preview the results of a mail merge at any time during the process. This will give you a better idea of how the finished merge will look in comparison to the merge fields.

Click the Preview Results button in the Preview Results group

Complete the Mail Merge

  1. Click the Finish & Merge button in the Finish group
  2. There are three options for finishing the merge. Select the required option
  3. Edit Individual Documents: Puts the results of the mail merge into a new document. The document can then be edited further and can be saved and printed

    Print Documents: Sends the mail merge results directly to the printer

    Send E-mail Messages: Sends the mail as an email message. The data source needs to contain the recipients email address for this to work

  4. Select the records you want to merge
  5. Merge to a new document

  6. Click Ok

The mail merge is completed.

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