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Mail Merge to Labels

Merge names and addresses from a data source onto a sheet of labels. The address labels can then be printed or saved as a new document and edited further.

Mail Merge to Labels

  1. Click the Mailings tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Start Mail Merge button
  3. Select Labels from the list
  4. The Label Options dialogue box appears

    Specify the labels you are using for the mail merge

  5. Select the make of label you are using from the Label vendors drop down list
  6. Select the type of label you are using from the Product number drop down list
  7. Click Ok
  8. A table appears showing the position of the labels on the page

  9. Click the Select Recipients button
  10. Select the list of recipients you want to use for the mail merge. You can use an existing list such as an Excel spreadsheet, Access database or your Outlook contacts, or create a new list to use now
  11. Select the recipients list to use in the mail merge

  12. Use the Address Block or Insert Merge Field buttons to insert the required mail merge fields onto the first label
  13. Click the Update Labels button on the Ribbon to copy the merge fields to all the other labels of the sheet
  14. Update all labels on the sheet with the mail merge fields

  15. Click the Preview Results button to see a preview of the merged labels. Correct any mistakes as necessary
  16. Click the Finish & merge button
  17. Finish and merge the labels

  18. Select Print Documents to print the labels or select Edit Individual Documents to create a new document with the merged labels

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