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Mail Merge to Email

Create personalised emails that can be sent to a group of recipients by using Mail Merge. The email address of the recipient must be stored in the recipient list to use this feature.

Mail Merge to Email

  1. Click the Mailings tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Start Mail Merge button and select E-Mail Messages from the list
  3. Start mail merge

    The document is switched to Web Layout View

  4. Click the Select Recipients button
  5. Select the list of recipients you want to use for the mail merge. You can use an existing list such as an Excel spreadsheet, Access database or your contacts in Outlook, or create a new list to use now
  6. Select the list of mail merge recipients

  7. Write your email message if this has not already been done
  8. Click the Insert Merge Field button and insert the required mail merge fields into the email
  9. Insert mail merge fields into the email

  10. Click the Preview Results button to preview the merged email. Correct any mistakes
  11. Click the Finish & Merge button
  12. Finish and merge button

  13. Select the Send E-mail Message option from the list
  14. Merge to email

  15. Ensure that the field containing the recipient email addresses is in the To field. Select the correct field if not
  16. Enter a subject for the email in the Subject line box
  17. Select the Mail format you want to use for the message
  18. Select whether you want to send the email to all records or a range of records from the Send records section of the dialogue box
  19. Click Ok
  20. The mail merge is completed and the email is sent to the recipients

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