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Saving a Document

It is good practice to save your document as soon as you can, and then to regularly save it to protect against data loss.

To save your document click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar or press Ctrl + S. If you are saving the document for the first time, the Save As dialogue box will appear.

Save As dialogue box

Select a location to save the document in, and an appropriate name which will make recognising this document easy in the future, and click Save.

The Title Bar now displays the name of the document.

Document name in Title Bar

From now on whenever you save the document, Word will just update the document previously saved.

Saving in a Previous Version

Word 2007 documents use a different file format to previous versions of Word. This can cause some compatibility issues when users of previous versions open Word 2007 documents.

It is possible to save the document in the 97-2003 file format so that it is more widely compatible.

  1. Click the Office Button > Save As > Word 97-2003 Document
  2. Saving a Word 2007 document as a previous version

  3. The Save As dialogue box will appear as before. Select a location to save the document in and an appropriate name and click Save.
  4. When saving a document in a previous format the Compatibility Checker will identify any potential problems.
  5. In the example below it has identified the use of a Citation. Citations and Bibliographies are a new feature of Word 2007. Therefore the Compatibility Checker is warning us that the citation will be converted to static text and will not update automatically.

    Microsoft Office Word Compatibility Checker
  6. You then have the option to either continue or to cancel your save.

Once saved, the Compatibility Checker can be run at anytime. Click the Office Button, Prepare and then Run Compatibility Checker.

Running the Compatibility Checker

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