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Creating a New Document

On starting Word 2007 you will be presented with a new blank document named document1.

The new document will be in portrait layout, with margins of 2.54 cm and the default font is Calibri size 11.

To create a new blank document:

  1. Click the Office Button > New
  2. Select Blank Document and click Create
  3. Or

    Press Ctrl + N

It is recommended to customise the Quick Access Toolbar to include the New button New button to make creating blank documents easier in future.

Every time a new blank document is created it is named document1, document2, document3 and so on until saved under a more appropriate name.

Word 2007 also provide a variety of templates to use when creating new documents.There are lots to choose from which can help get you started or provide you with some useful ideas. To use one of these templates:

  1. Click the Office Button > New
  2. New templates available in Word 2007

  3. Click Installed Templates

    for a list of pre-installed templates, My templates to access any you may have created, or pick one from the categories of templates under Microsoft Office Online
  4. Click Create

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