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Printing a document

There are plenty of options to choose from when printing Word 2007 documents. You can print the whole document, specific pages or the selected text.

You can also select the printer you wish to use and the number of copies of the document you want to print.

Change the Print Settings

  1. Click the Office button and then Print
  2. Or

    Press Ctrl + P

    Changing the print settings

  3. Select the printer you want to use from the Name: box
  4. Select the pages you want to print from the Page range panel
  5. You can print the whole document, current page or a specific range of pages

  6. Enter the Number of copies: you want to print
  7. Click Ok

Print the Selected Text Only

  1. Select the text in the document you want to print
  2. Click the Office Button and then Print or press Ctrl + P
  3. Click the Selection option in the Page range panel of the Print dialogue box
  4. Click Ok

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