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Positioning Pictures

When a picture is inserted into a Word 2007 document it is positioned inline with text. This means that the text moves to accomodate the picture.

By default, the picture can only be positioned on the page using the same techniques as you would to position text. Text wrapping needs to be applied to the picture so that the picture can be positioned on the document like any other object.

  1. Click on the picture to select it
  2. Click on the Text Wrapping button in the Arrange group
  3. Applying text wrapping to a picture

  4. Select the wrapping style you want to use from the list
  5. In Line with Text

    Picture appears at the insertion point in the document. Picture behaves like text.


    Wraps text around all sides of the square picture frame.


    Wraps text tightly around the edges of the picture.

    Behind Text

    Puts the picture object behind text in the document.

    In Front of Text

    Places the picture object in front of text in the document.

    Top and Bottom

    Wraps text at the top and bottom of the object


    Similar to Tight. The text is wrapped through the image.

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