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Word 2007 Ribbon

The Ribbon replaces the toolbars from previous versions of Word. It allows fast access to the majority of Word commands via a tabular system.

For those versed in the previous versions of Word, the Ribbon can be quite daunting and take some getting used to initially. Due to its tabular structure it is recommended to either customise the Quick Access Toolbar , or learn the keyboard shortcuts for tasks that you perform frequently e.g. copy and paste. Otherwise it will mean frequent trips to the Home tab.

The Word 2007 Ribbon

Each tab is broken down into groups to assist with finding certain commands. Some of the groups include an arrow in the bottom right hand corner known as the Dialogue Box Launcher. As its name suggests, clicking this will open a dialogue box for the group of commands you were looking at i.e. the Font dialogue box.

The Ribbon can be hidden by double clicking one of the tabs. It will then function like the old Menu bar and will appear when a tab is clicked on, and hide itself when you select a command or click away. To return it to its permanent state, double click a tab again.

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