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Find and Replace

The Find and Replace feature in Word 2007 allows you to find all occurrences of text in a document and replace it with something else.

Find Text in a Document

  1. Click the Find button in the Editing group of the Home tab
  2. Or

    Or press Ctrl + F

  3. The Find and Replace dialogue box appears
  4. Find and Replace dialogue box

    Type the text you want to find in the Find what: text box

  5. Choose the action you want to perform on finding the text
  6. Reading Highlight

    Highlights each instance of the word in the document

    Find in

    Current Selection: Find the text in the currently selected text

    Main Document: Search for the text throughout the whole document

    Find Next

    Find each occurence of the text at a time

  7. Click Close

Replace Text in a Document

Replace is a very powerful feature in Word that replaces each occurrence of text in a document. You can replace text that matches a particular format, and even replace hidden characters such as page breaks and tabs.

  1. Click the Replace button in the Editing group of the Home tab
  2. Or

    Or press Ctrl + H

  3. Enter the text you want to replace in the Find what: box
  4. Enter the text you want to replace it with in the Replace with: box
  5. Click the More>> button and select any necessary options to help when searching for the text
  6. Replacing text within a document


    Choose whether to search up, down or the entire document from the current location

    Match case

    Search only for text that matches the case used

    Find whole words only

    Will only find occurences where the text entered is the whole word e.g. if you searched for IT, it would exclude words such as commitment, sit and litter

    Use wildcards

    Enables the use of wildcard characters such as * and ?

    Sounds like (English)

    Looks for words that sound the same as the text entered but are spelt differently

    Find all word forms (English)

    Looks for all forms of the word

    Match prefix

    Searches for the text at the beginning of a word

    Match suffix

    Searches for the text at the end of a word

    Ignore punctuation characters

    Ignores punctuation in the text searched for

    Ignore white-space characters

    Ignores characters that add a white space such as a space

    Format button

    Specify the formatting of the text searched for such as bold and underlined

    Special button

    Include special characters such as paragraph marks in the Find what or Replace with text

  7. Click the Find Next button. The first occurrence of the text is highlighted.
  8. Click Replace to replace the current text, or Replace All to replace all occurrences of the text within the document
  9. Word will return the number of replacements made in the document
  10. Replacements made in the document

  11. Click Ok

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