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Create a New Template

Create a new template in Word to make it easier when creating certain types of documents you create regularly. Templates contain the page settings and any content that is the same each time the document is created.

Templates can also contain styles, building blocks and macros.

  1. Create a new document and change the page settings and add the content you want to appear on the template.
  2. Click the Office button and select Save As
  3. The Save As dialogue box appears. Click Trusted Templates at the top of the list of shortcuts on the left of the window
  4. Save a document as a template

  5. Click the Save as type: list arrow and select Word Template (.dotx) from the list
  6. Select Macro-Enabled Template (.dotm) if you are saving macros to the template

  7. Enter a File name: for the template
  8. Click Save

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