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Copy Styles from a Template

Attaching a different template to a document makes all the styles and macros available to the document. However, you may only want to use certain styles from a template.

The Organizer in Microsoft Word enables you to copy certain styles from a template to another template or document.

  1. Click the Office button and select Word Options
  2. Select the Add-Ins category on the left
  3. Microsoft word add-ins

  4. Click the Manage list arrow, select Templates and click Go
  5. The Templates tab of the Templates and Add-Ins dialogue box is displayed

    Templates and Add-Ins

  6. Click the Organizer button
  7. The Styles tab of the Organizer dialogue box appears

    The image below shows the styles from the training manual template on the left side, and the styles from the Normal template on the right. We may want to copy the Testimonials style to the training manual template

    Use the Organizer to copy styles from a template

    If the template you want to use is not open, click the Close File button to close it down. Then use the Open File button that appears to select the template you want to copy styles from

  8. Select the style you want and click the Copy button
  9. Once all the styles you want have been copied, click the Close button

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