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Build a Form

A form is used to capture information from users. Build a form in Word 2007 by using a table to align and space the text and fields, then insert the form fields such as text boxes, date pickers and drop down lists, and finally protect the form before sending it to the recipients.

Protecting the form ensures that the recipients only have the ability to fill in the form. They will not be able to edit any other aspect of the document.

Show the Developer Tab

To work with forms in Word 2007 you need to show the Developer tab on the Ribbon. The Developer tab is hidden by default.

  1. Click the Office button > Word Options
  2. Select the Popular category on the left if necessary
  3. Show the Developer tab on the Ribbon

  4. Check the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon box
  5. Click Ok
  6. The Developer tab appears as the last tab on the end of the Ribbon

Insert Form Fields

For a user to be able to complete a form, form fields need to be inserted. Form fields are otherwise known as controls and include text boxes, date pickers and drop down lists.

  1. Click in the document where you want to insert the field
  2. Click the Developer tab on the Ribbon
  3. Click on the form control you want to insert from the Controls group
  4. Insert form controls from the Ribbon

    Button Action
    Rich Text Text can be recorded including formatting. This is useful for short paragraphs of text
    Text Text field with no formatting
    Picture Content Control Picture content control for the form recipients to be able to insert pictures
    Combo Box A list of options that can be edited
    Drop-Down List A non-editable list of options
    Date Picker A date picker making it easier for a user to enter a date. A calendar is shown allowing the user the select the date from the calendar
    Building Block Gallery Enter an object from the Building Blocks Gallery. You can specify what objects you want to make available from the Quick Parts gallery
    Legacy Tools The Legacy Tools button allows to to access the form controls from previous versions of Word
  5. Continue until all the required controls are added to the form

After adding the form controls, they will need editing to create the list items and set the required formatting.

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