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Use Document Themes

Use document themes to provide a consistent and professional look to your Word 2007 documents. Document themes are a combination of three design elements:

  • Theme Colors: A set of eight colours that can be used to quickly format text and objects in a document
  • Theme Fonts: A set of co-ordinated heading and body text fonts
  • Theme Effects: A set of formatting properties for shapes and objects

Apply a Document Theme

Apply a theme will effect all the colours, fonts and effects within that document.

  1. Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Themes button in the Themes group
  3. A list of document themes appears. The default theme is Office

    Apply a document theme

  4. Select the theme you want to apply
  5. Click More Themes on Microsoft Office Online to search for more themes, or click Browse for Themes to look for a theme which may have been saved locally, such as one created by yourself

Create your own Theme Colours and Fonts

You can create your own set of theme colours or fonts to use in a document.

Creating a new set of theme colours is especially popular in businesses to establish the brand set of colours. This new colour scheme can then be used across documentation to keep them consistent.

  1. Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Theme Colors or Theme Fonts button
  3. Theme Colors menu

  4. Select the Create New Theme Colors or Create New Theme Fonts option at the bottom of the list
  5. Select the colours or fonts that you would like to use and enter a name for the new set in the Name: box
  6. Create new theme colors

  7. Click Save
  8. The new set of theme colours of fonts is now ready and can be applied to a document by clicking the Theme Colors or Theme Fonts button and selecting the required set.

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