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Working with the Styles Gallery

The Styles Gallery allows you to quickly view and apply styles to a document. You are able to add and remove styles from the gallery so that the styles you require are available.

Add a Style to the Styles Gallery

Add a style to the gallery so that it is easy to apply to a document.

  1. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Dialogue Box Launcher arrow in the corner of the Styles group
  3. Dialogue Box Launcher button

  4. The Styles task pane appears. Click on the Options link
  5. The Styles Pane Options dialogue box appears. Click on the Select styles to show: list arrow and select All
  6. Show all available styles

  7. Click Ok
  8. All the styles available to the document are shown in the Styles task pane. Point to the style you want to add to the gallery and click the list arrow that appears
  9. Add a style to the Quick Style gallery

  10. Click Add to Quick Style Gallery
  11. The style appears in the Style gallery

Remove a Style from the Styles Gallery

A style can be removed from the gallery if it is no longer needed in the document. Removing a style from the gallery does not delete the style. It can be added into the gallery again if required.

  1. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon
  2. Right mouse click on the style you want to remove from the styles gallery
  3. Select Remove from Quick Style Gallery from the menu
  4. Remove from Quick Style gallery

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