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Use Quick Style Sets

A Quick Style Set is a group of styles that can be used together. This feature is useful as often different styles are required for different types of document.

Create a Quick Style Set

  1. Add and remove styles from the Styles Gallery until it displays the styles you want to use for your Quick Style Set
  2. Click the Change Styles button
  3. Point to Style Set and select Save as Quick Style Set
  4. Change Styles menu from the Ribbon

  5. Enter a name for the new Quick Style Set in the File name box of the Save Quick Style Set dialogue box
  6. Save a Quick Style Set

  7. Click Save

Apply a Quick Style Set

Once a Quick Style Set has been created it can be applied to a document to replace the default Style Gallery

  1. Click the Change Styles button
  2. Point to Style Set and select the Quick Style Set you want to use

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