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Modify and Delete Styles

A style can be easily modified if its formatting attributes require changing. Styles can also be deleted if no longer required.

Modify a Style

It is possible to modify the built-in styles as well as those created by you in Word. When using heading styles in documents, it is recommended to modify the existing heading styles rather than create you own. The existing heading styles are more reliable when used with Word features such as a table of contents.

  1. Right mouse click on the style you want to modify in the Style Gallery
  2. Select Modify from the menu
  3. Modify a quick style

  4. Make the required formatting changes from the Modify Style dialogue box
  5. Modify style to update formatting

  6. Use the Style type: box to select the type of style. The most popular type of style is the paragraph which is used to create heading and quotation styles
  7. Select a style for the paragraph that follows this style from the Style for following paragraph: box. This is commonly set to Normal
  8. Optionally, check the box to Automatically update the style when formatting is applied directly to the style in the document. If left unchecked, when formatting is applied to text using a style in the document the style is not affected
  9. Optionally, check the New documents based on this template box to assign the style to the template used by the current document
  10. This option enables you to distribute the style to other documents that are based on that template.

  11. Click Ok

Delete a Style

  1. Right mouse click on the style you want to remove from the Style Gallery
  2. Select Remove from Quick Style Gallery from the menu

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