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Use Track Changes

Track changes enables a document to be reviewed by others easily. All changes made such as additions, deletions and formatting are tracked. These changes are highlighted for the author to see what changes were made.

The author maintains control over what changes are kept in the final version by accepting or rejecting the changes. The changes, known as markup, must be accepted or rejected to be removed from the document.

Turn On Track Changes

  1. Click the Review tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Track Changes button in the Tracking group
  3. The button is highlighted to indicate that track changes is turned on

  4. Any changes now made to the document will be highlighted. The markup will be shown inline or as balloons
  5. The document can now be sent to whomever is to review the document

    Document showing tracked changes

Change How the Tracked Changes are Displayed

By default, all inserted text and deleted text is displayed inline and formatting changes are shown using balloons.

You can change the way the markup in a document is displayed, change the colour of the revisions and even hide the markup in a document.

Show Changes in Balloons

  1. Click the Balloons button in the Tracking group
  2. Show revisions inline or using balloons

  3. Choose to show all the revisions inline, all the revisions in balloons or only comments and formatting using balloons

Display or Hide the Markup

Hiding the markup in a document does not remove it. The markup can still be seen when viewed on other peoples machines or when printed. To remove the revisions they need to be accepted or rejected.

  1. Click the Display for Review list arrow in the Tracking group
  2. Display or hide document markup

  3. Select the view option you want to use

Display or Hide Specific Markup Items

Aswell as choosing to display or hide all the markup in the document. You can also display or hide specific markup items such as insertions, deletions and formatting.

  1. Click the Show Markup button in the Tracking group
  2. Show markup of specific changes

  3. Select the required markup items to display or hide them

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