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Password Protect a Document

You can password protect a document to prevent unauthorised access to a document stored on the network. The password protection can restrict access to the document, or only allow the user to open it as read only, preventing the user from making modifications.

Encrypt a Document

If you encrypt a document, the user is required to know a password to open the document.

  1. Click the Office button > Prepare > Encrypt Document
  2. Type a password in the Encrypt Document dialogue box
  3. Remember this password as Microsoft cannot retrieve it. If you forget the password, you lose access to the document

    Encrypt a document

  4. Click Ok

Make a Document Read Only

You can password protect a document to allow anyone to open it, but them from making modifications.

  1. Click the Office button and click Save As
  2. In the Save As dialogue box, click the Tools button and select General Options
  3. Set the general options of a document

  4. The General Options dialogue box appears with two password text boxes. One for protecting the opening of a document, and another for preventing modification
  5. Click the Password to modify text box and enter a password

    Enter a password to open or modify

  6. Click Ok
  7. Reenter the password in the Confirm Password dialogue box
  8. Click Save
  9. The next time the document is opened you will be prompted to enter a password to have permission to modify the document. The Read Only button can be used to open the document without modify privileges

    Enter a password to modify or click Read Only

To remove a password from a document, repeat the steps above and delete the characters from the Password to open or Password to modify boxes.

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