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Compare and Combine Documents

If changes have been made to the same document in seperate files, you can compare or combine the two documents to see the differences between them.

  1. Click the Review tab on the Ribbon
  2. Click the Compare button
  3. Click the Compare button on the Ribbon

  4. Select either Compare or Combine from the list
  5. Compare:Use this to see the differences between the two documents without changing the documents being compared

    Combine: Use this to combine several documents into one document. This is useful if multiple revisions of a document have been made and all the changes need to be incorporated

    Combine documents in Word 2007

  6. Click the Original document list arrow and select the document you want to use as the original
  7. Click the Browse for Original button to locate the file if it does not appear in the list

  8. Click the Revised document list arrow and select the file with the changes you want to compare or combine
  9. Click the More > > button to view more options
  10. Expanded Combine documents window with revision settings

  11. Select the settings you want to use
  12. Comparison settings: Choose which changes should appear when the documents are reviewed

    Show changes: Choose how you want the changes to be shown

  13. Click Ok
  14. The results of the compare or combine are displayed

    Results of the compare or combine

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