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Use Bookmarks

Use bookmarks to mark locations in a document that you can then reference from another part of the document. Bookmarks are commonly used as a destination cross references and hyperlinks.

Insert a Bookmark

  1. Select the text, or click in the document at the point you want to bookmark
  2. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon
  3. Click the Bookmark button in the Links group
  4. Type a name for the bookmark
  5. Insert a bookmark

  6. Click the Add button
  7. The bookmark is inserted. You can use it as a point of reference for links and for navigating a large document

    View the tutorials for creating cross references and inserting hyperlinks to find out how to link to a bookmark within a document

Go To a Bookmark

A bookmark can be used to quickly jump to that location of a document.

  1. Click the Find button on the Home tab and select Go To from the list
  2. Or

    Press F5

  3. Select Bookmark from the Go to what: list
  4. Go to bookmark

  5. Select the bookmark you want to go to from the Enter bookmark name: list
  6. Click Go To
  7. Click the Close button

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