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Manage a Document in Outline View

Managing a document is easy using Outline View. Outline View enables you to view only the headings in the document, promote and demote headings and move large chunks of content.

View a Document in Outline View

  • Click the View tab on the Ribbon and then click Outline in the Document Views group
  • Or

  • Click the Outline View button on the Status Bar

View the Outline

Outline View is fantastic for working with large documents as long as heading styles have been used. You can select the level that you want to view in the document and everything below that level is hidden.

  1. Click the Show Level list arrow on the Outlining tab of the Ribbon
  2. Show outline levels

  3. Select the level you want to use from the list
  4. The image below shows a document with the top 3 levels shown

    Top 3 levels of a document in Outline View

Organise a Document

The Outlining tab on the Ribbon provides tools to make organising the structure of a large document easier.

Outlining tools for organising a document

  • Click the Promote button to move the selected heading up a level e.g. from heading 2 to heading 1
  • Click the Demote button to move the selected heading down a level e.g. from heading 2 to heading 3
  • Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to rearrange the headings of a document
  • Hide all the headings below the heading you are going to move prior to moving. If not the subheadings will not move with the heading

    Rearranging a level 1 heading will move all the content below it potentially moving many pages of text with the click of a button

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