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Insert Columns and Rows

Extra columns and rows will need to be added to the table as you work with it. Columns and rows may also need to be removed.

Word 2003 also provides a feature to repeat table headers on each page. This is extremely useful with large tables than span more than one page of a document.

Insert Columns and Rows

  1. Select the number of columns or rows that you want to insert
  2. Click Table > Insert
  3. Click either the Columns or Rows option

Delete Columns or Rows

  1. Select the column(s) or row(s) that you want to delete
  2. Click Table > Delete
  3. Click either the Columns or Rows option
  4. Delete rows and columns of a table

Repeat Header Rows

Use the Repeat Header Rows feature to ensure that table headers are visible on all pages that the table spans.

  1. Select the row(s) you want to use as the headers
  2. Click Table > Properties
  3. Select the Row tab
  4. Click the Repeat as header row at the top of each page checkbox
  5. Repeat the header row of a table at the top of each page

  6. Click Ok

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