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Edit a Table

After creating the table you will need to add your content and then adjust the table as you work.

Navigate a Table

There are many methods of navigating a table in Word:

  • Click in the required cell using the mouse
  • Use the up, down, left and right arrow keys on the keyboard
  • Use the Tab key to move forward in the table, and the Shift + Tab keys to move backwards
  • Use the Alt + Home or Alt + End keys to move to the first or last cell of a row
  • Use the Alt + Page Up or Alt + Page Down keys to move to the first or last cell of a column

Select Elements of a Table

To work with a table you will need to be able to select a table's cell, row, column and the table itself.

  1. Position the insertion point in the cell, row or column that you want to select
  2. Click Table > Select
  3. Select a table

  4. Choose the required table option from the list

Resize a Table

To resize a table in Word:

  1. Click anywhere inside the table
  2. The tables resize handle appears in the lower right hand corner
  3. Resize a table

  4. Click and drag the table to the desired size

The rows and columns of a table can also be resized in a similar manner. Hover the mouse cursor over the border of the row and column until the resize handle appears, and then click and drag to the required size.

Move a Table

To move a table:

  1. Hover over or click inside the table so that the Move Handle appears
  2. Click the handle to select the table
  3. Move a table

  4. Click and drag the handle to move the table to the required position on the page

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