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Convert text into a table

Word 2003 contains tools that enable you to convert text to a table, or convert table data to text. These saves lots of time cutting and pasting data in your Word document.

When converting text into a table you will need to specify a character to be used to seperate the text into columns. This character is usually a comma, space, or tab. For example, if the character is a comma, Word will start a new column wherever it sees a comma.

Convert Text to a Table

  1. Select the required text
  2. Click Table > Convert > Text to Table
  3. Convert text to a table

  4. Select the character you are using in the Seperate text at section
  5. Check the Number of columns detected by Word and correct any inaccuracies
  6. Click Ok

Convert Table to a Text

  1. Select the table
  2. Click Table > Convert > Table to Text
  3. Convert table to text

  4. Select the character you want to replace the column boundaries with under Seperate text with
  5. Click Ok

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