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Use AutoText to Insert Content

Use AutoText to insert content that you use frequently. AutoText allows you to store text and images so that they can be quickly inserted into future documents. Examples include a company logo, address or a legal disclaimer.

AutoText can be used to store one or two words to several pages of content and also maintains its formatting.

Create an AutoText Entry

  1. Select the text and images that you want to store
  2. Be sure to select the paragraph marker if you want to keep the formatting of the content

  3. Click Insert > AutoText > New
  4. Type a name for the entry in the Create AutoText dialogue box
  5. Create a new AutoText entry

  6. Click Ok

Insert an AutoText Entry

AutoText can be inserted using the keyboard or the Menu Bar.

Insert AutoText using the Keyboard

  1. Type the name of the AutoText entry
  2. Press the F3 key on the keyboard

Insert AutoText from the Menu Bar

  1. Click Insert > AutoText
  2. Select the required submenu and click on the AutoText entry
  3. Insert an AutoText entry in Word 2003

Delete an AutoText Entry

When no longer required an AutoText entry can be deleted.

  1. Click Insert > AutoText > AutoText
  2. Scroll through the list and select the required entry
  3. Delete an AutoText entry

  4. Click Delete
  5. Click Ok

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