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Sort and Filter the List of Recipients

You can sort and filter the list of mail merge recipients to send the mail to only the recipients that meet specific criteria, or to change the order they are printed.

Edit the Mail Merge Recipients List

  • Click the Edit the recipients link shown on step 3 of the mail merge wizard
  • Or

  • Click the Mail Merge Recipients button on the Mail Merge toolbar
  • Mail Merge Recipients button on the toolbar

Exclude Recipients

  • To exclude recipients from the merge, uncheck the box in the first column of the required records
  • Exclude recipients from the mail merge

Sort the List of Recipients

  • To sort the list, click on the column header for the item you want to sort by. For example, if you want to sort the list by alphabetically by last name, click the last name column header

Filter the Recipient List

Filter the recipient list to only include recipients who meet specific criteria in the mailing. For example, you may want to mail those who live in a particular county, or state, or those who joined the company in the last 3 months.

  • Click the arrow on the column header for the item you want to filter by
  • Filter the list of recipients

  • Select the criteria from the list
  • Select Advanced to apply more complex sort and filter criteria

    Using advanced filter criteria

  • Click Ok when you have finished editing the list of recipients

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