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Print to Labels

Word makes it easy to print on a sheet of labels. You need to specify the labels you will be using from the list or create your own custom labels.

You can print to all the labels on the sheet or to just a single label. You can also save the created labels for future use saving you have to go through this set up each time.

Print to a Sheet of Labels

  1. Click Tools > Letters and Mailings > Envelopes and Labels
  2. Select the Labels tab
  3. Print to labels in Word 2003

  4. Click in the Address: box and type the name and address that you want to appear on the label(s)
  5. Or

    Click the Address Book button Address Book icon to insert an address from an electronic address book such as Microsoft Outlook

  6. Select the printing option you want to use:
  7. Full page of the same label: Print the same address on all the labels on the sheet

    Single label: Print the address on a single label on the sheet. You need to specify the row and column number on the sheet of the label you want to print to

  8. Click the Options button
  9. Setting the label options

  10. Select the correct Tray from the list that you will be printing to
  11. Select the make of the labels you will be using from the Label products list
  12. Select the Product number from the list
  13. If the labels you are using are not in the list then click the Details button and specify the dimensions of the label you will be using

  14. Click Ok
  15. Click Print

Click the New Document button from the Envelopes and Labels dialogue box to create a new document of labels. This document can be saved for later editing and printing.

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