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Print to Envelopes

Print mailing addresses onto envelopes using Microsoft Word. Just specify the size of envelope being used and the address you want to print.

Print Addresses onto Envelopes

  1. Click Tools > Letters and Mailings > Envelopes and Labels
  2. Select the Envelopes tab
  3. Setting up an envelope for printing

  4. Click in the Delivery Address: box and type the name and address that you want to appear on the envelope
  5. Or

    Click the Address Book button Address Book button to insert an address from an electronic address book such as Microsoft Outlook

  6. In the Return address: box enter a return mailing address or click the Omit checkbox to leave it empty
  7. Click the Options button
  8. Specify the envelope size and address settings

  9. Select the correct Envelope size that you will be using
  10. Click Ok
  11. The envelope is set up and ready to be used. Choose one of the following:
  12. To print the envelope, insert an envelope into the feed of the printer you are using and click Print

    To add the envelope to the document you are using, click Add To Document. The envelope can then be printed again at later date without the need to set it up

    If you are modifying an existing envelope in the document, click the Change Document option

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