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Insert a Conditional Merge Field

Insert a conditional merge field to display different text in a mail merge document if specific criteria is met. For example, you may want to display different text depending on the type of membership a member has.

Insert a Conditional Field

  1. Click the Insert Word Field button on the Mail Merge toolbar
  2. Insert a conditional mail merge field

  3. Select If...Then...Else from the list of conditional fields displayed
  4. If... then... else condition

  5. Select the field you want to test from the Field name: list
  6. Select the required logical operator from the Comparison: list and enter the text to compare in the Compare to: box
  7. Type the text you want to appear if the condition is true in the Insert this text: box
  8. Type the text to appear if the condition is not true in the Otherwise insert this text: box
  9. Completed If conditional mail merge field

  10. Click Ok
  11. The field is inserted like a regular mail merge field. The text displayed will change after the mail merge is performed

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