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Create a Page Border

Create a page border to make a document more visually appealing. Page borders can be applied to all the pages of a document or just specific sections.

Create a Page Border

  1. Click Format > Borders and Shading
  2. Click the Page Border tab
  3. Create a page border in Word 2003

  4. Select the type of border you want to use from the Setting list
  5. Format the border using the Style, Color, Width and Art options and then click on the borders in the Preview diagram to apply the formatting
  6. Click the Apply to drop down arrow and select the required option for the pages that you want to apply the page border to
  7. Whole document: Applies the page border to all the pages of the document

    This section: Applies the page border to all the pages in the current section only

    This section - First page only: Applies the border to the first page of the current section only. Great for chapters within a manual or report

    This section - All except first page: Applies the border to all the pages of the current section except the first page

  8. Click Ok
  9. Page border applied to document

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