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Insert Section Breaks

Insert section breaks to apply different page formatting to different sections of a document. Inserting sections enables you to use different headers and footers in a document, or create a landscape page in the middle of pages formatted in portrait.

Insert a Section Break

  1. Click in the document where you want the new section to begin
  2. Click Insert > Break
  3. Insert a section break in a document

  4. Select the type of section break you want to use from the list
  5. Next Page: Inserts a section break and starts a new page

    Continuous: Inserts a section break and continues on the same page

    Even Page: Inserts a section break and starts the next section on the next even numbered page

    Odd Page: Inserts a section break and starts the next section on the next odd numbered page

Section breaks are hidden from view. To see the breaks switch the document to Normal view or click the Show/Hide button on the toolbar.

Document sections used to work with columns

The section of the document that you are in at any time can be seen on the Status Bar.

Section number displayed on the Status Bar

Use Different Headers and Footers in a Document

Sections can be used to create different header and footers throughout a document. A different header or footer can be used in each section.

By using section breaks you can use a different header for each chapter of a manual or book, or start the page numbering from page 5.

After inserting a header or footer into a document they are automatically linked to the previous section so the same header or footer is shown throughout the whole document. The link needs to be removed to be able to use different headers and footers.

  1. Open the header or footer area that you want to change
  2. The section number is shown along the top of the header or footer along with a Same as previous message letting you know that the section is currently linked to the previous section

    Header displaying section number and same as previous message

  3. Click the Link to Previous button on the Header & Footer toolbar
  4. Link to Previous button on Header and Footer toolbar

  5. The Same as previous message disappears and the link is broken
  6. The header or footer content can now be changed without affecting the previous section. This change will affect all later sections of the document unless they have already been unlinked. Continue in the same manner to complete the document

Remove a Section Break

Section breaks can be removed when no longer required.

  1. Select the section break
  2. Press the Delete key on the keyboard

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