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Format Columns

Columns are used to easily create newsletter style documents. They can be applied to the whole document, or to specific pages or parts of a page.

If you want to apply columns to only parts of a page, or certain pages, select the required paragraphs for formatting first

Format the Page into Columns

  1. Click the Columns button on the Standard toolbar
  2. Insert columns in Word 2003

  3. Select the number of columns you want to create and click


  1. Click Format > Columns
  2. Format a document into columns

  3. Select the number of columns you want to use, or enter the number in the Number of columns box
  4. Check the Line between: box to insert a line down the page between the columns
  5. Use the

    Width and spacing: panel to specify the width of the columns and adjust the spacing between them. By default the Equal column width check box is always checked

  6. Ensure the Apply to: box is set appropriately. Columns can be applied to the whole document or to a section within the document

Insert a Column Break

Column breaks are used to move text onto the next column. They can be useful to create space for quotation boxes and pictures.

  1. Click in the document by the text you want to move onto the next column
  2. Click Insert > Breaks
  3. Insert a column break

  4. Select Column from the list
  5. Click Ok

    The column break is inserted and the text moved to the next column

    Column break visible in a document

    The Ctrl + Shift + Enter keyboard shortcut can also be used to insert column breaks.

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