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Recovering a File

Word 2003 can be set up to save your document at set intervals to a temporary recovery file. The file can then be recovered in the event of a power failure or other cause.

This feature should not be used as a replacement for regularly saving your documents to prevent loss of data. It supplements your saving to protect your work against unexpected problems.

To be able to recover files Word needs to be set up to automatically save the file.

  1. Click Tools > Options
  2. Click the Save tab
  3. Click the Save AutoRecover info every: check box and enter a frequency in the minutes box
  4. Saving AutoRecover information in word 2003
  5. Click Ok

Microsoft Word will now save your file at the specified intervals to the temporary recovery file. For example, if you entered 10 minutes,you would not lose more than 10 minutes of work. Only changes since the last autosave will be lost (unless you manually saved the document).

Now the next time an error closes Word, or the system crashes, simply open Word again and the AutoRecover pane should appear on the left allowing you to restore your work to the last recovery point.

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